Innovate You

Innovate You




Innovate You empowers women leaders with professional coaching to breakthrough perceived limits, achieve goals faster and be fulfilled in life.  

I am Amy Au (ACC), Executive Coach of Innovate You. 

My Coaching superpowers include “Utilizing Intuitive Empathy”, “Creating Energizing Connections”, and “Stimulating Creative thinking”. I believe creativity is an innate ability but often under utilized. As your coach, I can activate your creative thinking pathways, uncover the blind spots to gain different perspectives, to help you come up with new ways to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, develop action plans, and achieve more than you think you can.

I use the Flow coaching approach that aims to be the vehicle of positive change through an integral worldview and creativity. This approach is based on positive psychology and solution focused psychology that works with both conscious and unconscious awareness, stimulates clients creativity to create successful solutions and design a more meaningful future for themselves. I also leverage my business innovation, professional training, and leadership coaching experience in my practice.

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